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Greeting and salutations,Fellow Travelers!featherme222difuse

Please let me welcome you to my brand new web page. I am so happy to see you here. I am thinking this will be a lot of fun to play with visually and I certainly hope you will be as entertained as I will, with all the exploring that is about to take place here.

Imagination is unlimited. Unleash the constraints in your mind. There is a universe inside each one of us. Let me show you mine.



grainmeSpending hours in my third floor studio is one of my favorite things. It is a dream come true for me. The fantasy of it started many years ago as a disillusioned teenager. My bedroom served as my only sanctuary and studio, my door shut and the safe enclosure of imagination between me and the so called “real world”. With art, whether it be drawings, writing or music, anything imaginable can be realized and manifested. It is a wonderful gift for humankind and one that I rejoice in daily with a grateful heart. I am a lucky girl.






Learning the in’s and out’s of Photo Shop has been an exciting journey into the unknown for me. I have found a visual vehicle to use as a powerful tool to transport images of fantasy from my brain to the page. It’s more fun than a box of brand new Crayolas!




MECA GradAs a non-traditional aged student starting art college at 38 years of age, going to school was certainly a challenge. I was a single parent of four children, worked as a cake decorator in a local family bakery and commuted over an hour each way to the city of Portland. It took seven long years to get my degree in Fine Arts, with a minor in Art History from MECA, Maine College of Art. Graduation Day was a triumphant, glorious day. Here I am, standing in front of my senior thesis exhibition in the I.C.A. on Congress Street in Portland.

Mish Front Cover




This is my very first published book! I feel very accomplished now, and I will be working on lots more children’s stories in the weeks and months to come. My book is aimed at children 3-8 or 9 years of age, but I hope ALL ages will enjoy it.  It’s price is $10.00 with $2.00 shipping and handling.





My second book! Just in time for the holiday season and gift giving! Here it is! This is the story of Mish and his friends in the cold, wintery forest. But they sure find a way to have some fun!





Sidcover22 copy

Third book in series “Mish and Friends” is now available!



This is the third completed book in the series “Mish and Friends”  It’s an epic tale of our hero Sidley, his journey and eventual meeting with Mish, his new best friend. It’s a prequel to the original story but it can stand on its own, as a tale of adventure, discovery and friendship. As the book is longer than the other previous ones, it is offered at $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping. And I will sign it personally.










Mish Meets Chonk is my fourth Mish book in this series. I am currently working on Number Five!





Pobkin Cover

Just completed  Pobkin, another                                                                                                                     story I wrote many years ago.









Color Me Mish Junior2

Cover colormemish2

The Three Mishkateers2